Cameron Russell should have attended to British Vogue’s Vogue Festival as one of the speakers, I’ve just watched her presentation, she was pretty good.

Anonymous asked: Blonde Candice or Brunette Candice?

I will answer with a gif-set tomorrow!

Anonymous asked: mountains or seaside?

I will answer with a gif-set tomorrow!

Models as Game of Thrones Characters (x) - Abbey Lee Kershaw as Elaena Targaryen [Three Maids in the Tower 1/3]

let’s play that make me choose between two things game it seems funny + i will answer with gif-sets

Anonymous asked: thoughts on miranda?

I’m not a fan of her modeling work or her personality, but she’s such an amazing business woman. I appreciate the fact that she’s doing what she knows, in the industry, what most models do out of modeling is designing a collection for a brand and almost all of them fail but Miranda was brave enough to create her own skin-care line and she’s so successful that I hear people around me talking about how amazing Kora is all the time.

Anonymous asked: why are you inactive? :(

I’m in the project team of my school and there was a short film that we had to shoot and it took so long but we won an award hehe, and now I’m also in the debate team of my school and busy with stuff which is necessary for that student exchange program, I probably will lead the MUN team and there are paintings I have to get done for an exhibition and of course I spend a lot of time with my family and friends and I have exams I’m okay with maths, I almost love it but I hate geometry this text is so long wow.

Because of my real life, anon. :’)


sometimes fashion bloggers scare me because some can be pretentious and act high and mighty simply for reblogging/posting pictures about of a world that they are barely apart of D: i don’t think it matters if someone accidentally spells a models name wrong, or mis labels a collection. just have a fun time blogging without condemning people for miniscule things.

Anonymous asked: do you have actions you use?